Typography Revisit Process


With our overwhelmingly busy schedules, it can be hard to manage our time outside of class. It is very important though to keep on top of all our revisits, to build better projects to showcase in our upcoming final exhibition.

That leads into the first project I decided to make changes to before putting it in the show. My third year exhibition poster featured main type that had to be manually constructed. The concept and main type really fit the feel of the objective. The challenge, was that when integrating the secondary type, it began to feel too different and take away from the main focus.

Type Exhibition Redo

Before and after of my Type Exhibition Poster Revisit.

That’s why I’ve worked to really tone back the secondary headline text, to play a more supportive role where it doesn’t take the visual focus away. I also decided to move all of the informative text to the bottom, in order to create more hierarchy on the main text.

I chose a more in depth project that had a double sided poster program to revisit next:  Acting Out Claiming Space. It also had banner advertisements and a catalogue that featured a review of the events that took place. For this revisit I wanted to integrate the design policies I developed with the catalogue and banner ads, bringing them back to the main poster.

Acting Out, Claiming Space Poster Redo

Before and after of my Acting Out, Claiming Space Poster Revisit.

I have finished the design changes to the front of the poster and am now working on carrying that through to the back. I am also rearranging space in the catalogue to make room for the possibility of highlighting certain elements with drop quotes. Another way to add more interest to the catalogue is to introduce the use of colour throughout the text.

The third project I’m revisiting, is on the fictional type conference I was assigned, Troubled Waters. We worked on a front cover for the conference, and an inside schedule that worked off of the same design policy. We also worked with carrying on the look through to a standing banner ad and 2 web pages. In this revisit I’ll be working to make slight adjustments to the inside spread and changing the web pages to a more realistic size. These changes are still in progress, but these are the pieces that most of the changes will be focused on.

Troubled Waters things to redo

Two web pages and inside spread that I will be making changes to for the revisit.

Revisiting projects can be a challenge, sometimes you are stuck on your original idea, or you aren’t sure of the best changes to make. After deciding on all my changes and being well into the work, I’m confident on the process of my type revisits so far. I can’t wait to have these pieces of work to show after all the changes are complete.