Illustration Revisit Process


For our final semester of school we are completing quite a few project revisits. For my illustration revisit I will be working on one project, but it will be completely redo. This will be a Children’s Book illustration project which included one spread and the book cover. The main objective of this project is to create a fun and audience appropriate illustration, while making sure the story is well understood both through the type and the graphics.

For my original project I did Winnie The Pooh, I choose this topic because it is close to my heart which was a big mistake. I know too much about Winnie The Pooh and different styles of the different characters. I then struggled with creating something that made the characters different enough from the original.

Old Children's Book Illustration

This was my old cover and inside spread for the Children’s Book Illustration.

For my revisit I have chosen a completely new idea. I have chosen ‘Little Groot’ from the Marvel movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. Groot is one of the main characters, without spoiling the movie, at the end he ends up as a ‘Little Groot’ which you’ll have to watch to see how. I find the character adorable, cute, and loveable; which are all great characteristics of a perfect children’s book character.

This is why I chose to create my own Little Groot, more of a cartoon version that has a soft and simple look. I have finished the basic illustration of my Little Groot character and am happy with the look and feel it has. The final piece I have to finish to the actual character is his pot he sits in, which may become the lead concept of the story. My main challenge right now is just figuring out the supporting elements and the type formatting. I have explored different ideas with my mood board below.

Little Groot Mood Board

This is the mood board I created to generate ideas for my revisit.

I looked at Little Groot from the movie, and other interpretations of Little Groot. There are also images I found from an illustrated book about an onion. I like how they have illustrations and elements that kind of interact with the gutter, and want to consider that as a possibility for my final spread. The front of the book was also very interesting with how the onion can open up before from the middle of the book. For the colour palette I have a mix of greens and browns for Groot. For the secondary colours in the spread I’m looking at pastel colours. For the type I tried a couple of fonts for the main titles. I also looked at examples online and I like the idea of the three dimensional look. I’ve also considered using wood imagery and masking out the type from the image.

Over all, things are going according to plan with the completion of the main character. Now my main focus is finalizing the story concept, choosing the direction for the type and then integrating the background.

Process Work for my Little Groot Character:

Little Groot Character Process

This is some of the main transitional process on the illustration for my Little Groot Character


Image sources from my mood board: