Well Hello Again.


I know it has been a while since I’ve last posted on here but, I’m back. I have just started back in school and it is finally our third, and final year of Graphic Design. This is an exciting and scary thing to think about. Part of me is excited to be coming close to the end of something I have put so much into, and worked so hard on. I am also very excited for what’s to come after this, wether it be the workplace or more school. But the other part of me is scared of just that, what am I going to do after? I have many ideas, and ambitions of what I want to happen, or what could happen. That’s the thing though, plans can change at any time and what happens is so undefined.

First Day Back at School for Third Year

First Day Back at School for Third Year

I’m glad that we are back to writing on our blogs, because I think it’s a great outlet for us to discuss the things in our design lives. That’s exactly what I have chosen to do with this post. I wanted to talk about the things most of us are probably thinking about right now… the future. I think as all of us start to come to the end of our program, we will all be thinking about where this leaves us after. This can be good or bad for us. There is a certain amount that you can think about the future before you start to stress yourself out. Yes, there are certain things we should be planning now, and specific things we should prepare for. But if we focus too much on what is going to happen once we graduate, we won’t focus enough on one of the most important years that’s right in front of us now.

As we begin our final year, we are building our online profiles, putting ourselves out in the real world of design, and working our butts off. This is what we all have to focus on. Yes we have to worry about the future, but there’s time for that later.. and quite literally in the future. I was talking to an old professor recently, and what stood out the most from our conversation was when he told me to enjoy this last year. That yes it’s going to be busy, but to make sure you also allow yourself the time to enjoy it and still have quality time with your friends. I think this was the best advice I could have been given, because yes we have to put in the work to reap the benefits of our program, but don’t let this year pass you by.


Organized for School

Year three is going to be filled with everything: projects, stress, late nights, social events, work, time with our friends, life problems, and much more. Life is busy and hard, and sometimes things happen that suck or that throw you off. Most importantly, the future for us after this final year is going to be different for everyone involved. I think everyone should just keep in mind that we can all do this, as long as you have the passion for what we do. Yes, the future definitely scares me, and the stress of our workload scares me too. However, I’m confident that I’ll be fine after because I’ll keep working hard, enjoying my final year, and leave figuring out my future for a little bit later down the road.



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