Accessibility research into what healthy food really is.


When my group researched into different communication problems at St. Lawrence College we found a very common subject to all our ideas. We found that people are making a lot of poor health choices, so for our main problem we decided to research, How people define what healthy food is?

We researched the top ten things being bought at our cafeteria and we found out that all of them were unhealthy and most of them were junk food. These things were very interesting to learn and somewhat shocking. We learnt that the decisions to buy these items are coming from many different factors; cost, ease, and the lack of information we have. Most of the food being marketed as “healthy” aren’t healthy, and contain things that we don’t even know. 

My group decided to do a poll to truly see the perception people have of what food is  healthy. We gave people the option to rank five different food items all ranging in nutritional value, from healthiest to least healthiest. 



1. Garden Salad

2. Grilled Vegetable Wrap with Egg and Spinach

3. Chicken Noodle soup with Ham and Cheese Sandwich

4. Personal Pizza

5. Big Mac

The results to the poll were what we were expecting, almost everyone thought that the garden salad was the healthiest and the Big Mac was the worst. Surprisingly when we ranked the food by nutritional value that was not the truth, in fact the veggie wrap with egg and spinach ranked fourth. This is how we realized that a lot of the things that seem healthy are in fact some of the worst things for us, and the most important thing for this problem is to teach people this information. 



1. Garden Salad

2. Chicken Noodle soup with Ham and Cheese Sandwich

3. Big Mac

4. Veggie Wrap with Egg and Spinach

5. Personal Pizza

I think we learned a lot of very important and insightful information as a group and we all worked very well together to find it. Everyone did lots of research and investigative work to contribute to the information we found, especially while looking at our extreme user who are students living in residence at the college and students with food allergies. For food allergies none of the ingredients are made available and options are very limited for them. The students in residence are stuck with having to rely on the choices that the cafeteria has, and if they don’t know what is in those options then they don’t know what is healthy. Those students also have a limited budget with the meal plan they have, and this means that they have to chose food options that may be lower in cost instead of health being a priority.  

It can be hard to realize what foods are actually healthy. Were you shocked by the results of the poll that we did? How do you feel about how foods are being marketed to seem healthy, when in fact they aren’t? 



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