Hyperrealism in Design


While looking at one of the blogs I talked about in my last post I was very interested in the subject of Hyperrealism. KoiKoiKoi featured a post on a young illustrator named, Karla Mialynne. After Karla illustrates something she takes a picture of the drawing with the tools that she used. They are mostly created using colored markers, acrylic paint and watercolor pencils. If you were looking at the photos without the tools in it you wouldn’t be able to tell that they are real. She uses such precise detailing and I can only imagine how long it takes her to draw each piece that she creates. 


It is amazing to see other artists doing the same thing as Karla, and those that are creating even bigger works of arts using hyperrealism. I found this post that features acrylic paintings, oil paintings, sculptures, pencil drawings, ballpoint pen drawings, watercolor, charcoal drawings, and 3D paintings all done with hyperrealism. “Although sometimes art is meant to stress its detachment from the reality, hyperrealism practically erases this line.” (source) The comments and opinions on these pieces of work are all about how breathtaking and captivating they are. 


Hyperrealism is not only done with small drawings and extremes like sculptures, it is also being used with icon design. In this post it shows how these icons have so much detailing that you can’t even tell they’re icons. “It’s incredible that these icons are being designed with so little pixel space, yet still retain such a definitive sense of realism.” (source) Hyperrealism is a truly stunning and unbelievable thing to look at.


Have you ever seen an amazing use of hyperrealism? Do you think the role of hyperrealism will increase or decrease in digital design?



One thought on “Hyperrealism in Design

  1. Great post, Jess. I love hyper realism and feel it could have a lot of useful implications in the design world.
    if you’re interested in more hyper realism, look up the work of Paul Caddon, his work is incredible.

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