My Three Favourite Design Blogs


In design we are constantly trying to stay on top of what is new and relevant. With social media and how digital everyone is now, things are constantly changing and people are constantly sharing their ideas. I wanted to share some of my favourite design blogs that I think demonstrate great ideas and are relevant to how I think in design.

The first blog I want to share is My Modern Met:

My Modern Met is a website that highlights photography, art and design. The motto they have is to “Share, Inspire, Connect” I think this is a great resource to have because we always want to be sharing new things and connecting with others in our field, and we all know there wouldn’t be any design without inspiration. On the website there is a blogs page where you can see new and exciting things having to do with photography, art and design. I particularly love that this blog has a variety of everything, because I think all of those things are important in the field of graphic design.


The next blog I want to talk about is KoiKoiKoi:

Founded by Danilo Rolle and Rubens Cantuni, KoiKoiKoi features art, graphic design, illustration, photography, videos and even tattoo art. The blog has everything organized into categories so you can go and look at what you are specifically interested in. The blog is all about being creative and having a resource where you can look at the new and creative things at the moment.


The third and last blog I will be telling you about is Invisible Creature:

Invisible Creature is run by brothers Don and Ryan Clark, who have a design and illustration studio based in Seattle, WA. On their website they talk about how they formed their self operated business, their work that you can look at and their blog. They do everything from product design, to amazing illustrations and I love looking at them. With the brothers starting their own band when they first started off in design they also talk a lot about music. Music and design is the ultimate best of both worlds for me, so that was a big interest for me in their blog. They talk about how designing for music is different in this age, compared to how it used to be. Their belief is that even though things have changed and you may be creating different things, music still has a huge role to play in the world of design.

I hope you find these design blogs as interesting as I do and draw your own inspiration from them.